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Prime Memories – Introduction

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Sport is full of memories, moments we treasure forever. We each have our favourite ones, the beauty of life is that these will all be different. This is my introduction to a series of articles which will be appearing on this blog (and repeating a few on my other blogs).

The articles are, as implied by that paragraph and the title, quite simply my favourite memories from sport (so far). There will be 11 of them and my favourite and most precious will appear at the end of these few weeks.

I hope that when I die these 11 will have almost totally changed. If that is the case then I will die a very happy man. All of these 11 have made me happier than I could possibly imagine already, what more sporting success lies in the future? The reason for getting them out now is that some of these aren’t heralded by everyone and so explaining why they were important to me will help people relate with similar memories they have. I wasn’t present at most of these but that doesn’t matter, the 21st century has brought with it so much technology, meaning we cannot miss a single bit of the action.

All 11 come from my four favourite sports as victories in those sports naturally means more to me than victories in others. That is not to say that these other sports haven’t produced special memories – the Olympics for example is something that was as inspirational as it was moving; but unfortunately I thought about it and realised it was down at 12th. In terms of sustained success however; those Olympics are only matched by one thing and it would have been totally remiss of me to neglect to mention them.

There will, hopefully – I’ve not done a series yet but I’m hoping to stick to deadline, be an article a week starting next week. Within the articles I will outline the background (if necessary), talk about the event in detail and then explain why it means so much to me. I hope you enjoy reading them and are inspired to share your memories too. These memories happened by our heroes so that we could talk about them in detail until the day we die.



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Mancunian. Main passions are Sport and Mus(e)ic. Huge Everton, AM, Lancashire, JB and England fan! I play tennis like Dolgopolov (except nowhere near as good). Josh has said "You just don't know what will come next"

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