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An apology, an abomination and an announcement

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Hello there, sorry I’ve not written anything since the 30th September when Prime Memories ended, I went back to Uni and became incredibly bogged down with work so just haven’t had the time. Despite the fact I have exams in a couple of weeks, I’ve found a little pocket of availability to keep the blog ticking over so this is a little catch up for you.

First of all, I really should address the elephant in the room. I expected our cricket team to lose out in Australia but I did not expect to lose 5-0 and have quite possibly the worst tour in Test history. Are there any positives to take from such a demolition? Well, Ben Stokes scored a century, took some wickets and look set to become England’s all rounder in all formats and Stuart Broad bowled well and then helped Matt Prior save someone’s life.

This was not just a defeat, it was a crushing, soul destroying one. I dreaded waking up every morning to find out the score, stopped going on twitter to avoid the fallout and didn’t watch a single ball of the whole tour. Swann has retired, I’d say Trott looks unlikely to play for England again, Pietersen showed his immaturity, Cook’s lack of form is as mysterious as it is worrying and where did the Ian Bell of the summer go?! Despite the fact that England need slating, I instead want to congratulate Australia. Firing Mitchell Johnson up, sorting out the batting line up and providing fast bouncy pitches was everything I expected them to do but the most impressive aspect of their performance was none of that. It was the way they were ruthless, just like the Australian sides of old. This side, as much as it pains me to say, could easily get to world number 1 in the next two years, although I’d still say South Africa are comfortably the best side in the world.

As for England? We have to believe and hope that they will bounce back. India will be out for revenge in the summer after we turned them over in their backyard but it’s important that we win that series convincingly. Personally, I wouldn’t actually change a great deal. Pietersen’s position needs to be looked at but who could replace him? I’d like to see Root at 4 but then who opens? Maybe it’s time for Compton to return or call up Sam Robson when we can, and if he still wants to represent England. The new spinner? Panesar and Borthwick played out in Australia and neither did a huge deal, although it would be harsh to drop Borthwick after 1 test. Maybe it’s also time to recall Simon Kerrigan, he shouldn’t be cast out as a failure after 1 test either. Either way, series against batters who can play spin well awaits in the summer so it’s going to be tough for whoever comes in.

In my other blogs, WeOnlySingWhenWe’reWinning and HeldToLove exciting things are happening. First of all, We Only Sing just celebrated it’s years anniversary and, while we did nothing to mark it, the prediction league is going strong (helped by the fact I’m winning!). Held To Love meanwhile has just announced a new policy, that being to follow the lesser known players in tennis, especially those who produce upsets in tournaments.

I believe that is everything I wanted to say, apart from to say Merry Christmas and happy 2014! I hope to have a new monthly feature this year so look out for that at the end of the month. I’m looking forward to bring you more content in the coming weeks. Apologies once again for how long it’s been since I updated this blog!


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