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Europa League: Round of 16 results

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The Europa League round of 32 saw some shock results, including a penalty shoot out, whilst other favourites progressed without breaking sweat. We said goodbye to 5 of the teams which had entered from the Champions League (Liverpool, Olympiakos, Lisbon, Bilbao and Anderlecht), which perhaps proves that the difference between the two competitions is slender, especially when you consider that 3 of the 5 departed were seeded. Roma, Zenit and Ajax were the demoted sides which progressed in the competition and all 3 have the potential to go far.

Unfortunately, the round was dominated by racism and fighting amongst fans. Feyenoord have been charged after their fans were throwing missiles onto the pitch during their loss to Roma, including a banana in a potential racist incident. That tie had been brewing from the first leg, when Feyenoord fans irretrievably damaged a 500 year old statue in the Italian capital, and, during the second leg, Roma’s forward Ljajic got charged with provoking spectators. Furthermore, Dynamo Kyiv will have to play their next Europa League home tie (against Everton) with a section of the stands closed following fighting between their fans and French’s Guingamp side. The match was halted for 15 minutes as police tried to separate the violence. There are unconfirmed rumours the fighting started because of French fans raising Russian flags however the French club have said they were playing in a ground full of rabid dogs looking for a fight. This one will, sadly, rumble on and on as football once again showed it’s ugly side.

On a more positive note, the round of 32 saw some good football being played and a range of nations present in the next round. For those who didn’t read my live draw of the round of 16, I’ll recap here. There are 5 Italian sides (Roma, Torino, Inter, Fiorentina, Napoli), 2 Ukrainian (Dnipro, Kyiv), Russian (Dyanmo Moscow, Zenit) and Spanish sides (Villarreal, Sevilla) with 1 a-piece from Turkey (Beşiktaş), England (Everton), Germany (Wolfsburg), Belgium (Brugge) and Holland (Ajax). The tie of the round is potentially the all Italian clash between Fiorentina and Roma although Wolfsburg-Inter and Villarreal-Sevilla also look tasty. Unbeaten Dynamo Moscow will take on favourites Napoli, which seems like an unfair draw for the Russian outfit although if they have serious aspirations about winning the tournament then they have to beat the best. The remaining ties see Beşiktaş playing Club Brugge, Everton playing Kyiv, Dnipro v Ajax and Zenit v Torino. Who will make it into the quarter finals? Keep an eye on this page to find out.

Like last time, this page will be used to give results, kick-off times and British tv details. The legs will be played on the 12th and 19th March, usually at 18:00 and 20:05, although the Russian home legs will kick off at 17:00.

Zenit St Petersburg Russia v Torino Italy :

First leg (17:00 – BT Sport 1): Zenit 2 – 0 Torino

  • Witsel (Zenit, 38′)
  • Criscito (Zenit, 53′)

Second leg (20:05): Torino 1 – 0 Zenit

  • Gilk (Torino, 90′)

Russia Zenit St Petersburg advance 2 – 1 on aggregate

Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine v Ajax Netherlands :

First leg (18:00 – BT Sport 1 (delayed)): Dnipro 1 – 0 Ajax

  • Zozulya (Dnipro, 30′)

Second leg (20:05 – ESPN): Ajax 2 – 1 Dnipro (a.e.t)

  • Bazoer (Ajax, 60′)
  • Konoplyanka (Dnipro, 97′)
  • Van der Hoorn (Ajax, 117′)

2 – 2 on aggregate, Ukraine Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk advance on away goals

Wolfsburg Germany v Inter Milan Italy :

First leg (18:00 – ITV4): Wolfsburg 3 – 1 Inter

  • Palacio (Inter, 6′)
  • Naldo (Wolfsburg, 28′)
  • De Bruyne (Wolfsburg, 63′, 76′)

Second leg (20:05 – ITV4): Inter 1 – 2 Wolfsburg

  • Caligiuri (Wolfsburg, 24′)
  • Palacio (Inter, 71′)
  • Bendtner (Wolfsburg, 89′)

Germany Wolfsburg advance 5 – 2 on aggregate

Club Brugge Belgium v Beşiktaş Turkey :

First leg (18:00 – BT Sport 2): Brugge 2 – 1 Beşiktaş

  • Töre (Beşiktaş, 46′)
  • De Sutter (Brugge, 62′)
  • Refaelov (Brugge, 79′ pen)

Second leg (20:05): Beşiktaş 1 – 3 Brugge

  • Ramon (Beşiktaş, 48′)
  • De Sutter (Brugge, 61′)
  • Bolingoli-Mbombo (Brugge, 80′,90′)

Belgium Club Brugge advance 5 – 2 on aggregate

Everton England v Dynamo Kyiv Ukraine :

First leg (20:05 – ITV): Everton 2 – 1 Kyiv

  • Husyev (Kyiv, 14′)
  • Naismith (Everton, 39′)
  • Lukaku (Everton, 82′ pen)

Second leg (18:00 – ITV4): Kyiv 5 – 2 Everton

  • Yarmolenko (Kyiv, 21′)
  • Lukaku (Everton, 29′)
  • Teodorczyk (Kyiv, 35′)
  • Veloso (Kyiv, 37′)
  • Husyev (Kyiv, 56′)
  • Antunes (Kyiv, 76′)
  • Jagielka (Everton, 82′)

Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv advance 6 – 4 on aggregate

Villarreal Spain v Sevilla Spain :

First leg (20:05 – BT Sport 2): Villarreal 1 – 3 Sevilla

  • Vitolo (Sevilla, 1′)
  • Mbia (Sevilla, 26′)
  • Vietto (Villarreal, 48′)
  • Gameiro (Sevilla, 50′)

Second leg (18:00 – BT Sport 1): Sevilla 2 – 1 Villarreal

  • Iborra (Sevilla, 69′)
  • Dos Santos (Villarreal, 73′)
  • Suárez (Sevilla, 83′)

Spain Sevilla advance 5 – 2 on aggregate

Napoli Italy v Dyanmo Moscow Russia :

First leg (20:05): Napoli 3 – 1 Moscow

  • Kurányi (Moscow, 2′)
  • Hugaín (Zenit, 25′, 31′ pen, 55′)

Second leg (17:00 – ESPN): Napoli 0 – 0 Moscow

Italy Napoli advance 3 – 1 on aggregate

Fiorentina Italy v Roma Italy :

First leg (20:05 – BT Sport 1): Fiorentina 1 – 1 Roma

  • Iličić (Fiorentina, 17′)
  • Keita (Roma, 77′)

Second leg (18:00 – BT Sport 1): Roma 0 – 3 Fiorentina

  • Gonzalo (Fiorentina, 10′ pen)
  • Alonso (Fiorentina, 18′)
  • Basanta (Fiorentina, 22′)

Italy Fiorentina advance 4 – 1 on aggregate

And just like that, we have the quarter final line up. Italian sides have been cut from 5 to 2, with only Fiorentina and Napoli now remaining. Both Ukrainian sides (Dnipro and Kyiv) continued their good form by progressing at the expense of the singular Dutch and English sides. Everton’s exit meant that there are now no British sides remaining in any European competition. The other 4 sides left come from Germany (Wolfsburg), Belgium (Club Brugge), Russia (Zenit) and Spain (Sevilla). There are 8 very talented sides left, this tournament looks like it will get more and more exciting as it progresses!

Just because there are no English sides left doesn’t mean we should stop following the tournament. Fiorentina and Napoli are growing in strength as the tournament goes along, and if they avoid each other in the draw look favourites to reach the final. However, they could quite easily be stopped by bookies’ favourites Wolfsburg or reigning champions Sevilla. Never rule out the Ukrainian sides, both showed in this round how strong they are at home and Club Brugge overcame a very tricky tie in Turkey. Zenit have history in this tournament and will be looking to go as far as possible.

Next time: The draw for the quarter-finals and the results all in one blog post


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