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My Goodison Greats: Goals

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In the final part of this feature I will take a look at some of the memorable goals Everton have scored while I have sat at Goodison Park. I find goals have the same impact on us as players and matches have, they can leave your jaw dropped or be important enough to celebrate like you haven’t celebrated before. A boring match can be transformed in an instant; a great match can be capped off by a moment of brilliance. The great goals can leave people talking for hours, especially now that YouTube immortalises them and while none of these will go down as the greats, they were better because I witnessed them first hand and now I share them with you.

The criteria for these selections were, as usual, quite loose. What defines a great goal? Is it a long-range strike or a wonderful team move? A piece of individual brilliance or a last minute scuffed winner? All of these can be classed as great goals and so it was quite easy to narrow down goals that meant the most to me. This is a collection of great goals which I remember but it doesn’t mean that these were the only breath-taking goals I saw at Goodison Park, for I am very likely to have forgotten one or two. Furthermore, the order I shall present them to you is chronological rather than importance, for I can’t decide on my favourite.

The way I’m going to do this article is as follows: introduce a goal, explain the story behind it and upload some form of media that allows you to view it. Obviously this comes with problems, for example some of the videos may eventually get removed (nothing I can do there!). The main problem when doing research was the annoying music people feel the need to put over the top of football goals – if that doesn’t annoy you then great, if it does then I’ll provide a warning so you can mute it. Also, the quality on some of the videos is beyond shocking, again – I apologise but I couldn’t find better ones.

  1. Leon Osman v Larissa (25th October 2007)

We begin with Everton’s goal of the 2007/08 season, and indeed our first venture into European nights. For me, it was my second taste of live European football, and watching this goal go in in the Street (where I was) was a definite highlight. Tim Cahill had returned from injury to inspire us to a 1-0 lead when he pushed forward and fed Baines on the overlap. Baines played a beautiful pass to Pienaar who back heeled in into the path of Leon Osman who whacked it into the net. Before the goal we had strung together 10-15 passes with the pinnacle being Pienaar’s sublime back heel, and Osman’s finish really was the icing on the cake. Apologies for the music on this YouTube video, I couldn’t find one with commentary!

  1. Diniyar Bilyaletdinov v Manchester United (20th February 2010)

I’ve talked about this goal a fair bit already in this feature so I’ll be brief here, one thing I haven’t mentioned is that this won goal of the season in 2010. Like I said last time, the swerve and dip on this meant there was nothing any goalkeeper could do. One of Bily’s best features was his ability to make the sublime look so casual. This goal inspired one of our better victories in recent times.

  1. Jermaine Beckford v Chelsea (22nd May 2011)

I hadn’t really considered this one for this feature until I watched it back. At the time, I remember being underwhelmed by it as Beckford got unbelievably lucky around the half-way line, and I was fed up of people calling him a world beater rather than the average player he was (and still is). However, now that smoke has cleared I have to admit the work effort and skill is deserving of a mention. This was the best quality video I can find of the goal, so please ignore the shocking music.

  1. Tim Howard v Bolton (5th Jan 2012)

There’s a lot of good to remember from this match, as well as a lot of bad. We lost, and nearly got blown off the motorway due to how windy it was however we saw Tim Howard score a fluke. The wind caught the ball as Howard cleared it and it flew over Bogdan (unfortunately wearing a pink shirt which clashed horribly with his hair) into the net. Howard respected the goalkeeper union and refused to celebrate as it had happened to him before. The fifa version doesn’t restrict Howard’s celebrations!

  1. Leon Osman v Manchester City (16th March 2013)

Do I really need to describe this? Just take a look at one of the best finishes you will ever see from our skipper for the day.

  1. Nikica Jelavic v Manchester City (16th March 2013)

This goal combined importance and skill in the pinnacle of Jelavic’s painfully short career at Everton. 1-0 up thanks to Osman’s goal, Naismith instigated a break with Fellaini led. The Belgian played Jelavic in who took it around one defender and lobbed Joe Hart to seal a deserved victory. Apologies for the swearing in the video above, but it’s nothing we haven’t all heard before! The video below shows both goals in decent quality.

  1. Kevin Mirallas v Stoke City (30th March 2013)

What a dreadful, dreadful match this was. Seriously one of the worst I have ever had the misfortune of seeing live however Kevin Mirallas made the trip to Goodison from Nottingham worth every second with the most magnificent individual goal. It tops Beckford’s for me because he meant every inch of the run and finish.

  1. Steven Pienaar v Hull (19th October 2013)

It’s hard to know what is best about this goal, the build up, Pienaar’s finish, his celebration or the fact he had only come back from injury 10 seconds earlier. A nice move led to Mirallas feeding Pienaar in the middle who coolly slotted home the winner and celebrated by turning a flag the right way around, which beats his usual God is Great celebration. There will be a better quality version of this goal later.

  1. Bryan Oviedo v Stoke City (30th November 2013)


This goal doesn’t get the credit it deserves for me. Oviedo’s first goal for Everton, scored the weekend before he bagged the winner at Old Trafford, and a well taken finish from well outside the area. Short corners don’t usually work, and especially not as well as this one! Deulofeu knocked the ball back to Oviedo Baby who took a few touches before slotting the ball low and hard into the back of the net. Wonderful, wonderful goal.

  1. Seamus Coleman v Southampton (29th December 2013)

We lost one match at home throughout the whole of 2013, and that was Sunderland on Boxing Day. Three days later, we welcomed highflying Southampton and had to face them without the suspended Howard. It was a dreadful match until Coleman produced this moment of magic and we went on to win 2-1 despite a Joel howler. In this video, have a look at 3 magnificent goals scored by our Irish right back in the 2013-14 season. It’s the second goal featured, apologies once more for the music and I promise there will be a better quality version at the end of this article.

  1. Kevin Mirallas v Aston Villa (1st February 2014)

Despite Leighton Baines’ ability at free-kicks, this is the only one which gets featured here. Mirallas was 30 yards out, had very little of the goal to aim at and it was 1-1 in the 85th minute. To produce a finish like that with so much pressure on is the sign of a remarkable footballer. There was a gif (which sadly I can’t find) taken from behind Mirallas and it was mesmerising to watch the ball curl into the net again and again and again.

Just look how far out he is!

Just look how far out he is!

  1. Romelu Lukaku v Arsenal (6th April 2014)

We end with a look at Lukaku’s stunning effort to put us 2-0 up over Arsenal last year. I can’t find a good individual video for this but the 7 seconds above give an idea of the quality involved here. Cutting in from the right, Lukaku took the ball away from 2 players before squeezing an unstoppable shot into the back of the net. Like I mentioned last time, we went on to win 3-0 and looked at that point like Champions League was possible.

Sadly, we can’t be present for all goals scored and so below I will share 3 wonderful goals that I missed due to various reasons. One is probably the most famous goal scored by an Everton player in years, while the other 2 are spectacular finishes.

There we have it, the ending of a feature in which I’ve shared my favourite moments from my time at Goodison Park. I had a look at players, and put together my favourite team, before listing my 11 favourite matches and ending by sharing the 12 goals that jump to mind when I first started thinking about goals. At the start of this I listed Martinez as my pick for manager over Moyes, which may seem odd given the majority of my memories stem from Moyes. However, my favourite season was 2013-14 by a huge margin. That was the season I knew we had a special team, combining the best of Moyes with the best of Martinez and the results were unbelievable. It’s for that reason that I’d also like to include on here a video showing all the goals from the 2013-14 league season, highlighting our brilliance and providing better angles of goals I’ve mentioned above, again apologies for the music.

For the record, the goal times are as follows:

  • Pienaar 2:54
  • Oviedo 4:35
  • Coleman 6:50
  • Mirallas 8:14
  • Lukaku 11:23

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