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Ramble #3

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This is just a quick note to say sorry for not posting anything since the 24th November, university work has been piling up and up and I haven’t had any time to write anything, although I’ve been writing a lot. I also had a month full of gigs, so my blogging time was very limited. The UEFA European Championships draw happened last night, throwing together some fascinating groups and I promised you I’d cover that, and so I will – at some point in the next week that will be up. 

Furthermore, some of my university work I’m actually quite proud of and so they might begin appearing on this blog at some point in the near future. This degree is much more enjoyable than my first, I’ve met some wonderful people and I’m actually enjoying the work. Nowadays, I look forward to going in rather than dreading it. The whole experience at Lincoln is one I’m enjoying much more than Nottingham. 

Finally, Everton’s form is frustrating to say the least. Yes, reaching the league cup semi-final is wonderful but to draw with Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and Norwich in a row is incredibly disappointing. Going forward we are as good as any side in the country, but defensively we are looking weak and unsteady. We need Jagielka back, and we need him back quickly. We won’t outscore opponents every match (proven in the last three), so we need to defend better. A new goalkeeper is a must in Jan. Martinez is still the right man for the job, but he needs improvement quickly.

Mind you, that draw with Bournemouth looks better every week. Having beaten Chelsea and United in consecutive weeks, Bournemouth are proving there really are no weak sides in this years premier league. I always enjoy our league, but this year particularly so. It’s just frustrating to know that if we had a more reliable defence, we would be up there with the best.

Anyway, I digress. Sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently, however I promise I’ll have some proper stuff up soon. In the mean time, check out my other blog over at http://www.aftertheencore.wordpress.com, that will have some of my university work first (and hopefully some reviews of Kodaline and Alt-J). Maybe I’ll introduce you guys to some of my uni friends via a Q&A at some point too, because with more writing friends comes the possibility for more guest bloggers. We’ll see how that develops.

I’ll get to you again before Christmas, but if I don’t get a chance to say it, enjoy the holidays. 


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Mancunian. Main passions are Sport and Mus(e)ic. Huge Everton, AM, Lancashire, JB and England fan! I play tennis like Dolgopolov (except nowhere near as good). Josh has said "You just don't know what will come next"

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