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Euro 2016 Groups

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Draws are always good fun, especially when they over-run, don’t work or produce groups that no-one is happy with. UEFA are particularly skilled at making simple draws complicated, with the drawing of positions and the continuous opening of balls even if there is only one left in the pot!

The Euro 2016 group stage draw was no different. However, I won’t bore you with much text and instead give you a list of the pots, teams and in brackets which position they got drawn into. Then, I’ll give you a full list of the groups. A1 is 1st place in Group A, C3 is 3rd place in Group C etc etc.

Pot 1:

 France, (A1)

 Spain, (D1)

 Germany, (C1)

 England, (B1)

 Portugal, (F1)

 Belgium, (E1)

Pot 2:

 Italy, (E2)

 Russia, (B2)

 Switzerland, (A4)

 Austria, (F3)

 Croatia, (D4)

 Ukraine, (C2)

Pot 3:

 Czech Republic, (D2)

 Sweden, (E4)

 Poland, (C3)

 Romania, (A2)

 Slovakia, (B4)

 Hungary, (F4)

Pot 4:

 Turkey, (D3)

 Republic of Ireland, (E3)

 Iceland, (F2)

 Wales, (B3)

 Albania, (A3)

 Northern Ireland, (C4)

Which resulted in:

Group A:

 France,  Romania,  Albania,  Switzerland


  • France – Romania (10th June)
  • Albania – Switzerland (11th)
  • Romania – Switzerland (15th)
  • France – Albania (15th)
  • Switzerland – France (19th)
  • Romania – Albania (19th)

Group B:

 England,  Russia,  Wales,  Slovakia


  • Wales – Slovakia (11th)
  • England – Russia (11th)
  • Russia – Slovakia (15th)
  • England – Wales (16th)
  • Slovakia – England (20th)
  • Russia – Wales (20th)

Group C:

 Germany,  Ukraine,  Poland,  Northern Ireland


  • Poland – Northern Ireland (12th)
  • Germany – Ukraine (12th) 
  • Ukraine – Northern Ireland (16th)
  • Germany – Poland (16th)
  • Northern Ireland – Germany (21st)
  • Ukraine – Poland (21st)

Group D:

 Spain,  Czech Republic,  Turkey,  Croatia


  • Turkey – Croatia (12th)
  • Spain – Czech Republic (13th)
  • Czech Republic – Croatia (17th)
  • Spain – Turkey (17th)
  • Croatia – Spain (21st)
  • Czech Republic – Turkey (21st)

Group E:

 Belgium,  Italy,  Republic of Ireland,  Sweden


  • Ireland – Sweden (13th)
  • Belgium – Italy (13th)
  • Italy – Sweden (17th)
  • Belgium – Ireland (18th)
  • Sweden – Belgium (22nd)
  • Italy – Ireland (22nd)

Group F:

 Portugal,  Iceland,  Austria,  Hungary


  • Austria – Hungary (14th)
  • Portugal – Iceland (14th)
  • Iceland – Hungary (18th)
  • Portugal – Austria (18th)
  • Iceland – Austria (22nd)
  • Hungary – Portugal (22nd)

To qualify, sides must finish in the top 2 or be one of the four best third placed sides. The result of that is that only 8 of the 24 qualified sides will exit in the group stage, thus meaning that a dead rubber will be very rare.

After the group stage, there is a very complicated process to decide who plays who in the second round, one I will explain at a later date. I hope to do something big with this tournament this summer, it’s formulating in my mind at the moment and we will see how it pans out. Keep your eyes peeled!



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