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The end of March and the beginning of April was a very busy time for me. Under pressure to organise some work experience for my course, I had something arranged only to see that fall through. A frantic day of sending emails off to various places looked to have led nowhere when most ignored and two rejected me. Fortunately, The Cricketer, who had initially rejected me, got back to say they were happy to have me on board.

Off I went to London, to experience 2 weeks unlike any I have had before. The outcome was that I got something printed in their magazine (go buy it!), but more importantly, I’d had a very good time. In April, I headed over to Manchester to look after my Mum’s cats while she was in NY and Washington and required that time to catch up on my Easter Holiday work, which I couldn’t do while in London.


It’s not like it stops there either, for this month is busy, busy, busy. The vast majority of my university work is due in on the 13th May, and then on the 14th I am the best man for my good friend Josh on his wedding day. With preparation, such as the speech (written – just needs practising and amending), to do for that – it’s unlikely I’ll be writing many blogs. I apologise sincerely for that, and promise to get back on the wagon once the wedding, and uni, is over.

I might well put stuff up on Hardman’s Thoughts in this time, I want to if I have time. But I can’t guarantee it, hence the need for this post.

So, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the stag, which took place on Friday night and Saturday lunchtime. It consisted of a FIFA tournament (which Martyn won and I came second in) followed by going to see Mansfield – Notts County (a resounding 5-0 win for Mansfield!). I’ll have more on the wedding as we get closer to the date!

All pictures were taken by Emma Still, and you can buy her work on Etsy, check out her Instagram or book her using the email: emma.still@btconnect.com



Author: GHardman42

Mancunian. Main passions are Sport and Mus(e)ic. Huge Everton, AM, Lancashire, JB and England fan! I play tennis like Dolgopolov (except nowhere near as good). Josh has said "You just don't know what will come next"

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