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2015/16 Prediction League Results – Premier League (Charlie and Gareth)


So, we’ve already looked at how well the predictions went for the cups, which resulted in a two point lead for Martyn and Josh.

This article takes a look at how the Premier League predictions panned out. This took the form of predicting the final table. The scoring system was as follows:

  • 10 points if correct prediction of Champions or relegated side
  • 5 points if any other side finished where predicted
  • 3 points if any other side finished one position away from where predicted
  • 1 point if any other side finished two positions away from where predicted

Specific to the bloggers:

  • All would get 10 points if they correctly predicted Everton or West Brom
  • If Charlie correctly predicted West Brom he would get 15 points (instead of the 10 gained above), and it was the same for Gareth with Everton
  • However, if either got their club wrong by more than 5 places then they would lose 15 points

The higher points tally took precedence (so, if any of our bloggers predicted Leicester to win the league they would get 10, and not an extra 5 for a correct position) 

On top of how the league would finish, we threw extra predictions into the mix. These were points required to be champions (team who finished in second’s total + 1), points required for survival (points total of who finished in 17th), top scorer and an “outlandish” prediction, something unlikely to happen. The details of these can be found here.

Success with the points would wield 10 points, a successful guess at the top scorer 5 and if the “outlandish” prediction came true, that would bring 20 points.

Got that? Take a second to read it again if you are confused!

To build suspense, and save space… I will give you the Premier League results in two posts, starting with Charlie and Gareth.

Charlie’s table:

Charlie's TableIn what will become a recurring theme, Charlie had the champions languishing in the lower reaches of the table. At the start of the season, we never contemplated a scenario in which we’d predict the Champions to finish so low, and hence never factored in any point deductions for that – much to our relief! Charlie didn’t get any teams in exactly the right position, however correctly predicting that Norwich and Villa would be relegated has pushed him up to a decent score.

From his table alone, Charlie scores 40 points.

Will he add to his tally?

Well, as stated here, his outlandish prediction failed days after he declared it. Charlie said Sergio Aguero would be top scorer – not a bad shout, but he wasn’t right. Further, Mr Marriott said 34 points would be enough to stay up (it was 39) and 80 points would be required for the title (it was 72). So, Charlie misses out on any bonus points, meaning he stays on 40 points.

Gareth’s table:

Gareth's tableThis table is dominated by 0s, however is rescued by the three teams in the right place, including West Brom, and Norwich’s relegation. Strangely enough, I haven’t got a 1 anywhere, so my predictions were either really close or really not. Once again, Leicester were in the bottom half, with Chelsea predicted to defend their crown.

From the table alone, Gareth scores 39 points.

My outlandish prediction was that no English player would score more than 15 goals. This has lost me 25 points, as, obviously, I didn’t predict an Englishman to be top scorer and, predictably, it ended up being Harry Kane. I always was obscenely optimistic with the title-winning points – suggesting 86 (and it was 72). However, I picked up 10 points with my correct prediction of 39 points required to stay up.

All together, Gareth scores 49 points.

Next time we will take a look at how Josh and Martyn fared in the Premier League, but until then … here is the updated table.

EPL CG table


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