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2015/16 Prediction League Results – Premier League (Josh and Martyn)

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To round off the first week of results from our prediction league, we will take a look at Josh and Martyn’s Premier League tables.

Our resident Nottingham Forest fans were leading at the conclusion of the cups, with 2 points each, but have since seen both Charlie and Gareth overtake them. Can they regain the lead through their predictions of the top league?

Before we take a look at the details, refresh yourself with the scoring system by following this link.

Josh’s table:

Josh's Table

In Josh’s world, Leicester would be preparing for life in the Championship, Louis van Gaal would (probably) still be in a job and Everton fans would be digging out their passports. Too many zeros for Josh’s liking, he’ll probably be rueing the fact he missed the mark with many of the key teams from this season. The correct prediction of Villa’s dismal season at least makes sure Josh scores 34 points from the table.

Will he add to that? Well, reports of Steve McClaren speaking in a Geordie accent are, sadly, all fake so we can’t give him 20 points for that. Josh was 10 points away from correctly predicting points required to be champions and 4 away from survival points, so nothing there.

What, then, about the top goalscorer? Josh said Wayne Rooney. I was very tempted to deduct points for that.

Martyn’s table:

Martyn's table

Martyn recently said Josh knows nothing about football. Sadly for Mr Gray, their respective tables don’t show this. Martyn’s outside the box predictions have only resulted in a lot of 0s, and relegation for the eventual champions. From his table alone, Martyn scores 21 points.

However, there is better news for him with the extra predictions. He was close with his prediction of 37 points required to stay up (it was 39), miles away with his suggestion that 92 points would only just guarantee you the title and the fastest red card was in the 17th minute and not the first, yet he was spot on with Harry Kane being this year’s top goalscorer.

The five points on offer there means Martyn scores 26 points.

Which, when all summed up means that Gareth is leading after the cups and EPL, followed by Charlie, then Josh and Martyn bottom. Here is the full table:

EPL table

With a bigger league and a tighter scoring system which should offer more points, the Championship will determine which of us comes out on top. I’ll be back next week with the results from that, once the play-off final takes place.


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