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2015/16 Prediction League Results – Championship (Bottom Two)


Following the predictions for the cups and the premier league, Gareth is leading Charlie, Josh and Martyn. With only one league left, can anybody overtake me?

The Championship has a slightly different scoring system to the Premier League. To account for the fact there are more teams in the second tier, we split the competition into zones. The zones were as follows: 1-2 (promotion), 3-6 (play-offs), 7-12 (mid-table), 13-18 (lower mid table), 19-21 (struggles), 22-24 (relegation).

Our points system:

  • 10 points for correctly predicting Champions / Relegated Sides
  • 7 points for an otherwise correct prediction
  • 5 points for correctly guessing the promoted sides 
  • 3 points for getting a team in the right zone

Specific to the bloggers:

  • 10 points for predicting Forest correctly
  • 15 points if Martyn or Josh predict Forest correctly
  • -15 points if Martyn or Josh predict Forest wrong by 5 or more places

Again, higher points took precedence. If one of us predicted Burnley in 2nd or going up via the play-offs, this would only bring 5 points as we hadn’t predicted them as Champions. 

As well as predicting the league, and who would win the play-offs, we once again predicted points required for survival and to win the title, as well as the top goalscorer and an “outlandish” prediction. The methods used to work these out and the points gained were the same as for the Premier League.

As usual, we’d lose two points if we changed anything during the course of the season. That hasn’t been a factor so far, but, as we’ll see later, it will be here.

As we enter the final week of results, the order of our bloggers will change. From now on, I’ll be releasing the results in reverse order. So, I apologise as I announce our loser …


MG's Champ Table

Martyn’s table isn’t too bad – he just misjudged Forest’s season so badly it cost him any chance of victory. The rest of the table is full of 3s with no 7s, which implies Martyn was good at getting teams in the right zone, if not the right position. From his table, Martyn scores 26 points. 

Does he score any more points? Well, to put it simply, no – although he was close. He said 88 points would be required to be Champions, while in reality it was 90. Martyn said 43 points would be needed to stay up, but it ended up being 49. His prediction of Chris Martin being top scorer was decent right until the end, without ever looking like coming good. His outlandish prediction was that Lewis Dunk would score 10 goals – he ended up with 4.

Adding his 2 points from the cups, 26 from the Premier League and the 26 from The Championship gives Martyn a final total of 54 points.

And in third place, the Bronze medal …


JS's Champ Table

It’s fair to say that Josh had a shocker when predicting the Championship. Halfway through the year, he changed his predictions, to bump Reading and Brighton into the play-off zone. He immediately lost four points for that, but recovered 3 when Brighton finished third. Quite possibly my favourite prediction out of everyone’s was Josh’s guess that Fulham would be celebrating promotion (indeed replacing Leicester!). Way, way too many zeroes for Josh, he was rescued by the correct assertion that Bolton wouldn’t survive. It means that Josh scores 23 points from his table.

And he doesn’t pick any up from the other predictions either. Tyler Walker didn’t get anywhere near the 20 Josh predicted, scoring none! Benik Afobe left the league in January, and hence was never in the running for the top goalscorer. However, he was closer with the points required. 47 and 82 were quite close to 49 and 90, but not enough to gain points.

Adding 2 points from the cups, 34 from the Premier League and the 23 from the Championship gives Josh a total of 59 points.

And the updated table…

CH MJ table

Please turn up in a couple of days to see who out of Charlie and Gareth will be crowned 2015/16 Prediction League champion.


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  1. Wow, Martyn is nailing it!

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