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2015/16 Prediction League Results – Championship (Top Two)

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In the last blog, it was revealed that Martyn had finished bottom of the Prediction League (I’m sending him a wooden spoon as we speak – no doubt he’ll get me back at Karting!) and Josh wasn’t far ahead of him in third. Today, we find out which of Charlie or Gareth was the best predictor.

If you want to recap the scoring system, follow the link above.

If not, it’s time to unveil our silver medalist …


CM's Champ Table

Charlie actually did very well in predicting the Championship. He got four teams spot on, one of them securing extra points for being a relegated side, and successfully predicted a promotion season for Middlesbrough (even if they didn’t win the title in the end). A couple more examples of teams in the right zones means Charlie scores 42 points from his table.

In the same ilk as Josh and Martyn, however, our Baggie couldn’t add to his total with the extra predictions. And, again similar to our previous two, he was close with points required. Nine points away with those required to be champions, he was only one away from an extra score with his prediction of 48 points required to stay up (it ended up being 49). Kike was an awful shout for top goalscorer, and the closest any of QPR, Hull or Burnley got to being relegated was a mid-table finish for QPR (indeed, the other two ended up celebrating promotion).

Adding his points together means Charlie finishes with 82 points, 23 ahead of Josh and 28 ahead of Martyn.

Which means our winner is …


GH's Champ Table

I’m very proud of the bottom of my table, if not so much about the top. The lads all laughed at me when I predicted Rotherham to stay up, but who’s laughing now? Ok, the less said about QPR and Derby, the better – although, in my defence, I did say that two of the relegated sides would go straight back up as Champions and play-off winners – I just got the Champions wrong! Regardless, Gareth scores 44 points from his table.

However, it’s a clean sweep of nul points from extra predictions. Rotherham didn’t get promoted, Bobby Zamora didn’t finish the season as top scorer, 91 points weren’t required to win the league (90) and a side with 43 points would have ended up in League 1.

Adding my points together means that Gareth finishes with 93 points. That’s 11 points ahead of Charlie, 34 ahead of Josh and 39 away from Martyn.

And so here we have the final table (ordered alphabetically):

final table

Thanks for joining me in looking at how we all did at predicting England’s two main divisions in the 2015/16 season. I’m not sure if we’ll do it again next year, but I’ll let you know if we do!


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