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Ramble #7

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Twitter Wars

Everton and Southampton fans need to give it a rest on twitter. 

At the moment, supporters of the two clubs are engaged in a pointless battle of words over the (strong) possibility that Southampton’s manager Ronald Koeman is moving to Everton. 

Southampton fans are calling him a “snake”, making a “backwards” or “sideways step” while Everton fans are responding by saying “we’re the bigger club” and constantly pointing to the history books to prove it. 

In truth, it started off quite amusingly. This was a response given to “what trophies have you won?” … 

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 07.47.31

But since then, it’s become really boring, and Southampton fans seem really genuinely upset by the move. Do they really believe in loyalty in football? Are they honestly surprised by a man being drawn to extra money and the chance to build a side?

One comment piece in a local newspaper has described it as “the most depressing and disappointing moment of 14 seasons covering Saints”, while another calls it “one of the sourest moments in football”. Are they seriously that deluded? Are they seriously that naïve? 

It’s quite sad to watch. 

I’ve personally always liked Southampton. I’m a huge admirer of what they’ve done since their league 1 days and wish it will continue. I’m delighted by the Koeman rumours because he’s proved that he can hack it in the Premier League and improve an already impressive squad. 

Koeman is a step up from Martinez, and it’s not like Southampton will be getting relegated because of this! With the likes of Emery, de Boer and Howe mentioned, it’s not even like Southampton will be hiring a poor manager next. 

So, please stop this stupid twitter war. It’s lost any interest it carried. 


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