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Ramble #9

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No To Big Sam

Sam Allardyce would be the worst possible manager England could choose. 

Talk about a backwards step!

Ok, yes, the Hodgson reign was bloody awful. And the scars from the last two tournaments are still raw, and won’t be forgotten for a long time. 

But Sam Allardyce as England’s saviour?

Give me an effin’ break! 

At least Hodgson tried to bring some youngsters in. He’s played Stones, Dier, Sterling, Alli, Barkley, Kane, Rashford etc  – the problem was he seemed to lose faith once the tournament started. 

BBC have written an article about what Big Sam would bring to the England set-up. It’s terrifying, and I can’t believe anyone would ever want it!

I quote:

with his love of veterans, could he tempt Major League Soccer duo Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard out of international retirement?

Only a hypothetical, sure, but a terrifying one – no? Haven’t we left our not-so Golden Generation behind?

Sam Allardyce has managed 467 games in the Premier League. He’s only won 33.6%. His sides have conceded more than they’ve scored. I’m sure that’s exactly what we all want from our new England manager!

For comparison, David Moyes has a win percentage of 41.2% from almost as many games. And before you say he’s managed better sides, I ask you this: was his Everton better than Allardyce’s Bolton? Even as the most biased of Evertonians, I would dispute anyone who says we were. 


Tell me that inspires you, tell me you’re optimistic?

Do any of those stats really inspire you that he’s the man for England? Because God help you if they do.

Ok, Allardyce for England. Why do people want him? Well he brings a level of confidence, he’s well drilled, has good tactics and takes no nonsense from anyone.

Quite frankly, they aren’t super-special qualities. They’re strikingly average, and I would expect them from any manager we pick. 

Sam Allardyce is a poor man’s Harry Redknapp (who, by the way, has a win percentage of 36.8% in the Premier League – another awful “legend”). Allardyce is great at helping teams survive and manipulating the transfer market to suit them.

Take Sunderland for example. Allardyce has done well there. I saw it with my own eyes when they thrashed the awful Everton side we had at the back end of last year. Sunderland is where Allardyce can thrive. Not England. 

Do England have a transfer market? No. Have England really sunk to being just “survivors”? I’d like to think not.

Maybe we have, maybe I’m being naive. But I’m not expecting us to go out there and get a Guardiola, Conte or Mourinho. I wouldn’t even expect Van Gaal.

I just want someone with international and  Champions League experience. Someone who’s managed the big boys and dealt with their egos, who can relate to the press and not turn people off and who has a winning mentality. 

Jurgen Klinsmann, anyone?

Not Sam bloody Allardyce, that’s for sure. 

We made progress under Hodgson. He was the wrong man to see it through, but we laid groundwork for a brighter future. 

Groundwork which is now being undone because we seemingly have an obsession with narrow-minded, brain-numbingly average English managers.

Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe, in 2018, we will reach the semi-finals of a major tournament. Andy Carroll will be heading in our only goals in the 70th minute, and then we will put our necks on the line to hold on (probably with John Terry and Joleon Lescott at the back). Sam Allardyce will be praised as the hero of English football.


Give me a break.  


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