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Writing personal pages were difficult enough before the need for short pieces which grab the readers attention, now they are near impossible. The character limit that Instagram and Twitter put in place gets used up before you know anything about the instagrammer/tweeter and it’s hardly worth putting one up on Facebook as your friends know you! They say this page should interest the reader, however not provide them with too much information to digest. I’m sorry, and yet I’m not, but I think I’m about to ignore that. You deserve to know who I am, what I’m writing and why I’m writing it and you deserve to get some detail with all that.

Firstly, my name is Gareth Hardman (hence the blog title) and I was born in April 1993, which is easier than updating this page every time I have a birthday. In the summer of 2014 I graduated from Nottingham University with a 2:1 honours degree in physics. That was the best achievement of my life for every day of Uni was a chore. To say I didn’t enjoy it would be an understatement but to say it wasn’t vital to my life would be doing it a disservice. For it was while I was at Uni that I discovered a lot about my life. I know that’s horribly cliched, and I apologise deeply for that, yet it’s also undeniably true.

While at school my strengths lay in academia, the maths and sciences of the world, not english nor creativity. My english GCSEs were respectable to good, I’m about as good at playing sport as a cat is at playing the guitar (no doubt there is a video of that on the internet somewhere!) and while I played the Balalaika for almost a decade, my musical talents end at out of tune singing and miming instrumental parts (mind you, One Direction have made a successful career with less than that!). So, it seems like a bit of a surprise that here I am writing a blog covering sport, with a bit of music on the side, right?

Truth was, and it was only Uni when I realised I couldn’t ignore this, my passions lie in those two areas. I could survive without them but there isn’t a day which passes when I don’t partake in either. I’m permanently listening to my iPod and spend any time I can involved with football, cricket or tennis. I also have a casual interest in golf, rugby union (I admit that I don’t truly understand league), motor-sports and the Olympics. I took a physics degree despite history being my best A-Level because I preferred avoiding essays to writing them, yet at Uni I discovered that when I wrote about subjects I enjoyed I actually loved doing it. To quote Scroobius Pip, “nothing is more entertaining, than fuckin’ with words and their arrangement”. For that, I have to thank Martyn who persuaded me to contribute to a group football blog he was starting (see below for the link) and Emma for giving me the confidence in my abilities.

Ideally, I’d like to make a career out of this but my writing is a work in progress. It’s not fine-tuned, half of it still comes out as nonsense and I’m aware that my sentence structure can be unusual at the best of times. That being said, it has definitely improved since I started out. So this blog is my refiner, it’s my practice arena. It’s a chance to showcase my thoughts on issues, usually revolving around Everton but not exclusive to, without being tied down by the possibility I could lose my job. There isn’t really a target audience to this blog, essentially because how can you target everyone? I have a broad range of interests, that are by no way limited to music and sport, and I want to trial all aspects of writing before settling for one. That way I give myself the best opportunity to pursue this further. I realise the obvious downside to that is that I won’t have regular readers as such, because not everything will interest everyone. It’s a risk I’m more than happy to take and, by explaining my reasoning behind it, I hope that more of you read more of my articles.

By all means, get in touch with me to discuss my articles. I leave the comments open at the bottom of the page to encourage you to give me feedback, and if you want feedback on your blog I’m willing to provide. If you want to personally talk to me then use the email provided below or Twitter (admittedly not the best place for a discussion). My tweets are featured on the side of the blog, along with my Instagram pictures – that’s mainly so you get a better idea of who I am and the regular life I lead. I’ll try and post an article once a week, although sometimes it’ll be more and sometimes less.

As you can see, I tend to ramble a lot. So enough of that, let’s finish this with how most of these start, the traditional about me page. Born and raised in Manchester, my first true love occurred when my Dad took me to Goodison Park for the first time. My 5 year old self was not only captivated by the boys in blue (who beat Southampton 1-0) but also the game itself. Football evolved into Cricket in 2004, and later Tennis with the arrival of Andy Murray. Musically, as soon as I bought U2’s Vertigo EP in France I was hooked to alternative music, and it’s a journey that has led from Muse to the Beastie Boys, from The Lumineers to Biffy Clyro. There you have it, a perfectly (if a little too cheesy) acceptable “about me” paragraph, but one which says little about why I write. Once more, I’m sorry for the length of this, and I hope you’re still reading, however I wanted to portray and explain my ramblings better than I have before.

Thank you for reading,
Gareth Hardman

Twitter: @the_hardman

Email: GarethHardman@outlook.com

Please check out my other blogs:

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And the music blog Emma and I started following TITP 2014: http://www.aftertheencore.wordpress.com


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