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I don’t like the fact that finding old articles isn’t easy with the way WordPress is set out, especially if you are new to the website. Hence, I’ve decided to create a page that will archive all my articles I write, separated into the categories that they belong to. I hope you find this useful. 

This page is a link to all Prime Memories articles I wrote in the summer of 2013





Other cricket:

My Lincoln Portfolio:

See Held to Love for some other Tennis articles that I’ve written

See We Only Sing When We’re Winning for most of my football articles, including Scandals



Euro 2016:

Europa League:


Other Sport / General:

What I’m thinking, when I’m thinking about it. Under 1000 word ramble on a subject that popped into my head at any given time

  1. Ramble #1
  2. Ramble #2
  3. Ramble #3
  4. Ramble #4
  5. Ramble #5
  6. Ramble #6
  7. Ramble #7
  8. Ramble #8
  9. Ramble #9
  10. Ramble #10
  11. Ramble #11
  12. Ramble #12
  13. Ramble #13
  14. Ramble #14
  15. Ramble #15

My family and friends

I’ve come a long way since Jan 2013 – so much further still to go.


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