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I‘m creating a page for these so that they can all be viewed easily, without having to search through all my articles to find them! 

Introduction: This is an extract, taken from the full article:

The articles are, as implied by the title, quite simply my favourite memories from sport (so far). There will be 11 of them and my favourite and most precious will appear at the end of these few weeks. Within the articles I will outline the background (if necessary), talk about the event in detail and then explain why it means so much to me. I hope you enjoy reading them and are inspired to share your memories too. These memories happened by our heroes so that we could talk about them in detail until the day we die.

11. England’s T20 World Cup win, ’10:

England had never won a limited over trophy, the year before they had lost at home to one of the sports minnows: Netherlands. Surely, they couldn’t end the run in the Caribbean?

Collingwood Trophy

T20 World Cup win

10. Canadian Grand Prix, ’11:

If you had two collisions, one with your team mate, 5 pits, a break for rain and a drive through penalty – could you win that Grand Prix?


Canadian Grand Prix

9. Edgbaston Ashes Test, ’05:

When tornado-struck Birmingham hosted the second Ashes test of the 2005 series, England were 1-0 down. Little did we know that one of the greatest test matches of all time would unfold.

Lst wicket

Edgbaston 05

8. Dan Gosling’s Derby Goal, ’09:

Surely there can’t be a scenario where your favourite aspects of a sport combine in a moment of pure genius? Well, for me there was!

Gosling celebrates

Gosling's goal

7.  Murray’s Olympic Medals, ’12:

Major-less Andy Murray carried the tennis flag for Britain at their home Olympics. With the tennis being held on the hallowed turf of Wimbledon – could he add to the growing British medal tally?

Two medals

Murray's Olympic Medals

6. FA Cup semi final win, ’09:

After beating Liverpool in the fourth round, Everton had breezed into the semi – finals. Facing a United side distracted by other tournaments, could they reach a first cup final since 1995?

Penalty win

Fa cup semi final win

5. Button’s title winning year, ’09:

With the rise of Hamilton and the fall of Honda, Jenson Button’s influence in F1 was fading. Winning the Drivers’ Championship would be the perfect response.

Button the world champion

Button's title win

4. Lancashire’s title winning year, ’11:

When a side with few internationals started their county championship campaign in 2011, most pundits talked about relegation. Oh, how wrong they all were!


Lancashire's title win

3. Ashes series victories, various:

During the 90’s, English cricket truly died. Characterised by batting collapses and embarrassing losses, they slipped to the bottom of the world rankings. Something remarkable needed to happen – and it did!

4 Ashes victories

Ashes series victories

2. Murray’s first Grand Slam, ’12: 

On the 12th September 1936, Fred Perry won his 8th major. With the weight of expectation and history on his shoulders, Andy Murray ended the 76 year wait for a male singles major champion.


First Grand Slam

1. Murray’s win at Wimbledon, ’13:

We had a male slam champion, now could he achieve the Holy Grail and win Wimbledon? With the surface suiting him and the draw opening up, this was no longer a pipe dream – it was realistic.

Showing off

Wimbledon win


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